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Public Warning System

Public Warning System (PWS) in cellular networks is a cell broadcast-based system specified in Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and standardized by multiple Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Cell broadcast-based PWS provides wireless emergency alerts to the public in an affected area without the need for subscription or determining the device’s location. In addition, it provides alerts to the public with a given country as well as support the receipt of alerts for users who are roaming internationally.

Ours achievement by chronologically

Data Open-market based on Intelligent Data-hub Platform for Smart Maritime Service


  • ˙ Building open data market services to support marine industry data sharing and trading
  • ˙ Revitalizing Data-Centered Smart Maritime Service with the Participation of Various Interests in the Marine Industry.


Apr. 2020 ~ Dec. 2021

SW, AI, IoT, Big Data


Data-hub Platform and
Data Open-market

Autonomous Ship Technology:
The Next Digital Communication Technologies for Ship2Ship2Shore


to develop the Data Exchange and Communication Technology for Ship2Ship2Shore

  • ˙ Development of VDES Communication System for International Maritime Business.
  • ˙ Development of component Technology for Marine Broadband Communication System
  • ˙ Development of International Standardization of Self-driving Ship Communication Technology
  • ˙ Development of Scenario for Verification of Ship2Ship2Shore Communication System


Apr. 2020 ~ Dec. 2025

Ours achievement by chronologically

MARCOM (Maritime Communication Services over 5G systems)

The first 3GPP Technical Specification covering service requirements (Stage 1) for the support of maritime communication (MARCOM) over 3GPP systems (TS 22.119). The document aims to support the maritime communication services between users ashore and at sea or between vessels at sea over 3GPP system that are targeted to improve maritime safety, protect the maritime environment and promote the efficiency of shipping by reducing maritime casualty caused by human error, in particular, involving small ships and fishing vessels. In addition, the outcome of the technical report is expected to narrow the information gap between mobile users on land and shipboard users on vessels at sea by making it possible to provide the mobile broadband services.

Achievements means to you

Problems solved through the above standardization activities and made it possible to ?

  • ˙ To support 100Km cover
  • ˙ To enable 3GPP systems including 5G and beyond to play the role of mobile communication platform necessary for the digitalization and mobilization of the maritime businesses as well as safety.
  • ˙ To help address the information gap between users on land and users at sea as well as the maritime safety and vessel traffic management.