• SW Certification Tool
  • Unmanned Vehicle

Automated Testing Framework for testing various ICT Standards


  • Test process workflow management

    • ˙ GUI based defining and setting test plans
    • ˙ Full supported test automation
    • ˙ Executing and reporting test plans
    • ˙ Textual and graphic log tracking view
    • ˙ Generation of test reports(HTML, PDF, Excel)
  • Supporting standards

    • ˙ oneM2M global IoT standard

      - Associated with oneM2M TS-0018

    • ˙ e-IoT TTA(Korea) standard for energy service based on IoT

      - Associated with TTAK.KO-10.1200

    • ˙ Smart city data hub interface specification

      - TTA standard for smart city datahub platform

      - Standard specification is under development on TTA

˙ e-IoT

  • 제품등록 화면 이미지
  • 테스트계획 화면 이미지
  • 테스트케이스 실행결과 화면 이미지

˙ Smart City

  • 상세보고서 화면 이미지
  • 테스트계획 화면 이미지
  • 테스트케이스 화면 이미지


Conformence Testing Tool for oneM2M IoT Standard

  • ˙ ETSI TTCN3 compliant
  • ˙ Support TTA's oneM2M Certification Test Requirement Status List version 1.1

Conformence Testing Tool for Smart city data hub platform

  • ˙ NGIS-LD based compliant automated software testing tool
  • ˙ Developed with TTA testing specification
  • * Smart city data hub: Implementation and standard for data-oriented smart city architecture

Conformence Testing Tool for KEPCO e-IoT(energy IoT) Standard

gcs 로고 이미지

Web-based GCS(Ground Control System) to not only control and monitor UAVs but also record flight history


  • WEB based GCS UI

  • Mission Control

  • System Integration

  • MAVLink compliant

˙ 2D Screen

  • 2D GCS 화면 이미지
  • 2D GCS 화면 이미지
  • 2D GCS 화면 이미지

˙ 3D Screen

  • 3D GCS 화면 이미지
  • 3D GCS 화면 이미지
  • 3D GCS 화면 이미지


  • 한국전자기술연구원 로고


  • 한국항공우주연구원 로고

    KARI UTM Integrated GCS

  • 영월군 로고

    Yeongwol Drone Sandbox

  • 화성시 로고

    Hwaseong Drone Sandbox