- R&D activities of strategic standardization management services
- Collaboration in the development of standards, strategies and relevant processes
- Representing the organization of our customer and delegates' roles in international standards meetings.

Development works

  • A prototype service platform as proof of concept for testing APIs of oneM2M service platform software
  • A prototype service platform as proof of concept for high-resolution streaming service based on oneM2M
  • Data Logger Software for Autonomous Cooperative Operation System of Multiple-Heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicles
  • A pilot service platform for unmanned vehicles management service
  • Web-object composition tool

Standard works

Number of Contributions
3GPP oneM3M
warning alarm
Aug. 2017 15 20 20 4
2016 9 6 17 -
2015 - 22

e-Navigation related business

International standardization on maritime communication services in 3GPP

Study Item : 3GPP stage 1 FS_MARCOM
Standard period : 2016.08 ~ 2018.06
Rapporteur : SyncTechno Inc.

MARCOM (Maritime Communication Services over 3GPP system)

The maritime radio communication environment seems to be relatively unsatisfactory compared to on-land mobile communication environment, and users on board feel big information gap between shore and sea as the mobile communication technology has evolved. Furthermore, it is of the view that the capacity and rate for data transmission in maritime radio communication are indeed not enough for e-Navigation service, which the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a United Nations specialized agency, recommends States to provide to ship.

Public safety related business

International standardization on the enhancement of public warning system in 3GPP

Study Item : 3GPP stage 1 FS_ePWS
Standard period : 2016.08 ~ 2017.09
Rapporteur : SyncTechno Inc.

ePWS (Enhancement of Public Warning System)

Given that the form-factors of devices directly or indirectly connecting to 3GPP systems are becoming more diverse, partly led by the Internet of Things, but also as non-ICT industries such as the automotive industry or health industry start to consider the employment of 3GPP systems into their businesses, some requirements specified in 3GPP TS 22.268 might not be applicable for such devices or might need to be revised because of the enhanced capabilities of devices including such things as multitasking, various display methods of recent or future mobile devices or because of the different UE concept from what 3GPP has traditionally assumed so far compared to handset-type devices that were prevalent at the time when 3GPP specified requirements described in 3GPP TS 22.268.   

Public safety related business

International standardization on the Disaster Alert Service using IoT in oneM2M

Study Item : oneM2M WI Disaster Alert Service Enabler(DASE)
Standard period : 2017.02 ~ 2018.02
Rapporteur : SyncTechno Inc. & KETI

Disaster Alert Service Enabler(DASE)

The service enabler to oneM2M for disaster alert service. With this enabler, oneM2M can provide disaster alert services to IoT/M2M devices/things as well as human beings that promptly and properly re-act emergency situations.